Who is The English Professorional?

With a Ph.D. in English, I have more than 20 years’ experience designing, facilitating, promoting and assessing educational programs for a range of audiences, including 12+ years as an English professor, two years as director of a college-based Writing Center, a stint as director of a college readiness program for underserved middle and high school students, and several years in public relations, editing and freelance writing.

I earned my Ph.D. in English at University of Florida; M.A. in English at Florida State University; B.A. in Journalism and African American Studies at University of Cincinnati.

Why Work with Me?

Whether I’m working through an organization or providing direct services, I coach clients towards practicable success. If your goal concerns the written or spoken word in English, I bring the expertise to help you produce flawless work. When the goal is academic success, I transform students into active learners: coaching them towards the critical thinking skills, the creative problem solving capacities, the self-organizing abilities, and the self-assurance that will allow them to excel in any academic work and career field. If your goal is bringing the best out of young people or staff members, I provide the instructional know-how to customize youth and professional development sessions that will enhance specific knowledge sets, competencies, and skills, particularly as relates to leveraging personal strengths, ensuring effective cross-cultural engagements, developing academic success skills, and mastering writing tasks.

How Do I Work?

  • Face-to-Face and Online, using video calls, webinars, cloud technology and other digital tools.

What Can You Expect When Working with Me?

  • Highly customized services, tailored to the unique needs of clients and learners of every skill level.
  • Enthusiastic, personable and professional support for your professional, academic and editorial success.

Who Have I Worked With?

I have:

  • Taught and provided developmental coaching, writing consultation, and editing services to 1,000s of students—from elementary to graduate levels—from high schools to graduate schools—professionals, and organizations.
  • Developed college readiness programs and services for traditionally underserved students, grades 7-16, helping them explore, prepare for, select and successfully transition to college programs.
  • Served as the general editor of the Institute for Freedom Studies’ digital journal, The Freedom Chronicle, and I planned, researched, wrote and facilitated the production of both the institute’s promotional brochures and an illustrated 15-page biannual report.
  • Presented “Black Girl Work: Black Women’s Imperative,” at University of Cincinnati’s Black Feminist Symposium.
  • Served as a founding editorial board member of the (now-defunct) academic journal, The Toni Morrison Review.
  • Guided 87% of clients in a Veterans Upward Bound Program through academic preparation for, and successful enrollment in, secondary education programs.
  • Contracted with CollegeWise—a national college admissions counseling organization—to provide critical feedback, revision suggestions and proofreading on college applicants’ personal essays.
  • Developed and facilitated Bond Hill Elementary School’s 2015 and 2016 Educational Enrichment Summer Program for under-served P-6 graders, on behalf of Envision Children Learning.
  • Presented “Black Youth: Who We Are/Not: An Interactive Workshop” for the City of Cincinnati’s Annual Youth Summit, which was designed to help Black high-schoolers unpack negative media portrayals, to guide them in developing more balanced, positive self-images and, therefore, to empower them toward creating positive, productive, and rewarding choices.

Want More Information?

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