For Individuals and Small Groups

  • Academic success coaching—over multiple sessions, I transform students into learners, coaching you towards the critical thinking skills, the creative problem solving capacities, the self-organizing abilities, and the self-assurance that will allow you to excel in any academic work and career field.
  • Standardized test preparation services—tips, practice and customized feedback.
  • College/graduate school-application guidance, feedback and editing.
  • Editing, critical feedback and proofreading services to produce flawless academic, professional and personal essays, whitepapers and reports —includes, but is not limited to, checking: citation style (i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard), appropriate placement of citations, prose, structure, word choice, grammar, punctuation, efficiency, effectiveness (no academic ghostwriting!).
  • Website/Blog/Digital Copy editing & proofreading—let me look it over before you go live to ensure that all “copy” is error-free, formatted for user-ease of reading, worded strategically, consistently, professionally, and with basic SEO optimization in mind.

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